Work 일 業


Examples of Work


Core Hydration: ALL THE THINGS 

Agency: Harold Made

  • Chroma Key Compositing, Color Correction, Initial pitch video: After Effects


Buffalo Trace Distillery: VR Tour 

Agency: Bajibot

  • 3D assets, Textures, Ambient Occlusion Maps: Maya, Photoshop, Unity


Commit Your Friend: The Dark Knight

Agency: Oddcast

  • 3D Face tracking, Facial Animation, Lighting: Maya, PF Track



Agency: Oddcast

  • Face tracking, Facial Animation including Lip Sync, Tracking Dots Removal, Chroma Key Compositing: Maya, After Effects



See: Promotional Video

Agency: Missing Pixel

  • Storyboard: Photoshop



Connect: Online Game for Education

Agency: Missing Pixel

  • Character Designs, Concept Design, Animation, everything except coding: Flash


72hr Film Shootout 2006/2007: Promotional Marketing including Videos, Posters.

Asian American Filmlab

  • Art Director, Director of the video and photo shoots, Concept, Photography, and Storyboard