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Comic Book.  WIP

About a woman who loses her husband and baby hunts down the killers only to face the even more horrible tragedy. 


Concept Designs



Only Human

Painting Series.  People in this ear are expected to have so many skills and to be perfect humans which is impossible unless they were superheroes.  Unlimited numbers of videos, books, blogs, quotes on personal development are there to be purchased for those in needs, which are everyone.  The cause of evolution is no longer by natural selection but by social and capital needs.  People now have to choose to evolve themselves.


Rita in the forest

Rita is a little girl, who lives in the forest.  She has many friends, who love her.  Don’t be fooled by her size.  She is brave.  She is an explorer.  She is curious about the world and everything in it.  She wants to learn everything so she can find out where she is from and who she really is.


A cat with a Woman/Man

An ongoing project



3D model for an upcoming short


a man and a butterfly

An ongoing project



a woman and a butterfly

An ongoing project


daily imagination

Examples of daily practices


Donald’s parallel Universe

“You are my voice” – Donald Trump

In Donald’s Parallel Universe, everything is exactly the same as this world but Donald Trump.  Donald has made alternative and courageous decisions, which have been affecting and changing the lives of millions.  He realized that he didn’t have to become a president to make USA great again, he realized that he already had necessary means to do so.  In his Presidential Nomination Acceptance Speeches, he turned down the nomination and withdrew himself from the presidential race, saying “You are my voice”, declaring “I will work hard to make America better like what most people do in America.”, emphasizing “Labor and honor.”, apologizing “What I wanted was the seat in the white house to make me look great again.”  He told himself that he was fired by politicians, then, hired by people.  He donated all his wealth to charity.  Since then, he has been working and living as an ordinary person, taking multiple jobs to make ends meet.  He became a living example of how one man can change himself, the world.  Everyone loves him, he loves everyone.  He says he is happy now.  So are billions of people on the planet.