rebel 반항 反抗


Boxes Lost in Circulation

Art Exhibition/Play.  Flushing Townhall Gallery, NY, 2014.  A curator/participating artist

This exhibition immerses visitors in the creation of art installations, inviting them to play with artworks following a set of rules, and engages with artists in their works. In the process, the gallery itself will turn into a giant box that veils everything inside to create one question “What is not there?”

Boxes Lost in Circulation


VU (Déjà vu and Jamais Vu)

Installation/Performance.  Flushing Townhall Gallery, NY, 2013.  A participating artist

VU (Déjà vu and Jamais Vu) are the cases of the false sense of familiarity, the anomaly of memory. In this work, VU (Déjà vu, Jamais Vu), an installation and performance, I try to combine the two distinctive experiences into one to produce chaos, which exists in any animate form. The countless cubes will be constructed and deconstructed in different forms, color combinations, and shapes with an intention of creating the false sense of familiarity. The each constructed and deconstructed stages will be documented and printed out on photo papers instantly to be displayed on the walls and the floor. Two elements, the installation in the continuous alteration and transition and the documented photos of them from a specific perspective in time and space, will create anomaly of memory. It is also a play and animation in time and space with the duplicates of the same form with subtle differences. Which creates multiple layers of reactions for they imitate the human society.



Play/Performance.  “You, Me and Us” Elga Wimmer PCC, NY, 2012.  A participating artist

Thinking back

in a blink of time

I wasn’t who I was

I wasn’t who I wasn’t

I was who I wasn’t

I was who I was

Everything but me


Play/Performance.  NY.  Smarts Gallery 2005.  A participating artist



The Other (manque à être)

Performance.  The Solar One/Dance Association, NY, 2012.  A director/video artist

Solar Powered Film Series: Films that move: Moviehouse




Performance.  Zebulon, NY, 2006.  A performer, a member of eboNYasia



Inclination of Time

2003 video installation

SIGGRAPH 2003 On-line Art Gallery

~ A baby in the photos is repetitive memories of the parents’ childhood at the same time an adult in the photos is the future that the baby expects to be. Also, every frame is morphed with parts of the other frames, so,in a way, time within this work is coexistent. I wanted to let the inclination of time reveal itself in its incognizable continuance.








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