dream 꿈 夢


Untitled.  WIP.  3D Animation 


Untitled. Feature Film. WIP

A Black & White film about vampires who have been living for centuries want to remember who they are.


The Other (manque à être).  2 Channel Video. WIP

The Other (manque à être), a work in progress, is originally conceived as a 2 channel video project with 2 moving projected images of dancer’s movements.

The movements in the images repeatedly swing and stop between reality and abstraction.  The 2 separate images, projected and controlled by 1 or 2 artists, will segregate, congregate and juxtapose images, switching sides and positions, to spontaneously create the context free from the physical limitations of the traditional screen.  These images could include live dancers on stage, who will interact with the images.  Live music and live sound effects will accompany the images and dancers. 

The Other(manque à être) consists of 3 chapters.

chapter 1. birth of desire

chapter 2. locus of alienation

chapter 3. synthesis of being

The Other(manque à être) is a multidisciplinary art project theatrically proposed.

The Other(manque à être) is the visual dialectic in search of truth.

The Other(manque à être) becomes the visual fallacy for only the fallacy can employ truth, which is loquacious.

It invites you to be in the dialectic, which is a loop in essence. 

It doesn’t require analyzation.

It requires paralyzation.

I am the symptom and so you are.


Feature Film Relay

A director of the project.  2007.  Screened at various film venues including Anthology Film Archives

4 directors sequentially write and shoot a quarter of a film with the same actors and actresses and pass it to the next director.




2D Animation.  2001.  Siggraph Animation Theater

The title written in Chinese means the way to reach true knowledge. I tried to depict my own realization of the circle of life in this animation, the destined suffering since the birth, the paralyzed salvation after the death and the voidness of meaning. The only way to escape from the circle of life is to see it and to realize it, although the realization evaporates in a moment. I wanted to see it to show it.

ManHang (English title: Ephemeral Epiphany)

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